Double Leg Lift

Check out the link below for a tutorial on how to do this! Working out with a partner is great because you don’t require a gym or any equipment at all.  You just need a workout buddy and a positive attitude to try something new!

The Double Leg Lift will work your entire body, focusing on your lower half.  This exercise hits your core, hips, butt, quads and calves.  It requires balance and stability and will help build a ton of functional strength, which is critical for activities of daily living.  It also teaches you a bit of wrestling technique that comes in handy when someone really pisses you off!

This lift is challenging and should only be done by experienced lifters.  Form and proper technique are critical.  Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how I lift and lunge a 170 pound man!


Using functional strength with the double leg lift to haul some banana trees into a truck during a recent volunteer project.

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