A fitness & social community movement that encourages you to eat chocolate and drink wine. Just earn it.

New Orleans, meet PartyGirlFit.

_MG_2442New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) kicks off this week and I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Rupa, co-founder and CEO of PartyGirlFit. I love working out, but I’m also in love with cocktail dresses, pizza, wine and Cheetos. For years I struggled to find a balance between enjoying life’s small pleasures and feeling confident about the way I looked. I tried diets, cleanses, and extreme gym programs and they kinda worked…for a while. But, before I knew it, I was back on the seesaw, with my weight fluctuating along with my anxiety and guilt. I couldn’t find a diet and exercise program that worked with my social life. Sound familiar?

I refuse to give up things like chocolate, wine and especially Cheetos and I am not willing to live my life from one extreme diet to the next. PartyGirlFit became my way to learn, discuss and teach other women how to find a balance between having a social life, enjoying great food and drinks (without guilt) and getting fit to feel confident. It started as a blog and has since grown into a fitness company that offers women’s workouts and community events.

1 year ago, I quit my Wall Street job and I left the US with only a backpack and plane ticket to Thailand. After a year of traveling through Asia and learning about what balance means to different cultures, I have realized that finding balance is a problem that women struggle with all over the world. PartyGirlFit is here to encourage you to find your balance on and off the scale.

I say f*ck the scale altogether!

Why New Orleans?

New Orleans has always been a home away from home for me. I’ve been there countless times and love everything about the culture, the people and the FOOD! Most people see New Orleans as a party town. In my eyes, it’s a town that has a perfect balance. “Enjoy, but don’t overdo it,is sound advice I’ve come to live by. The city has always tugged at my heart and now it’s time to put my heart right where it belongs. NOLA here I come! I can’t wait to meet you lovely ladies. New Orleans Entrepreneur Week (NOEW) starts tonight and I’m thrilled to be representing the fitness and lifestyle industry. PartyGirlFit is in New Orleans NOEW!


Look out for PartyGirlFit in the Big Easy, we will likely be partying and sweating our way around town. In the meantime, introduce yourself on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Official Press Release

PartyGirlFit: A fitness & social events company that encourages you to eat pizza and drink wine

“Party Smart. Sweat Smarter.” Is the motto of a new fitness company for women called PartyGirlFit. Originally started in New York City, PartyGirlFit has made its way to New Orleans and is taking a new approach to healthy living by encouraging participants to eat what they love.

The company offers energy packed fitness classes and invites participants to join social events like wine tastings, mani/pedi’s and live shows to celebrate their success inside and outside of class.

The founder and CEO, Rupa Mohan, a former Wall Street executive turned fitness instructor, developed the company to help women find their balance in the confusing world of food and fitness.

“Like many others, I struggled with my weight, body image and my relationship with food. I would set diet goals not suited to my social lifestyle and deprive myself of the foods I loved to hit a number on the scale. Eventually, I would crash and go on 2-week stretches of eating Cheetos, chocolate and drinking a lot of wine. I was on a perpetual seesaw. Once I understood that one (fitness) doesn’t come at the cost of the other (food), I found balance and most importantly, sustained the balance while maintaining a fun social life.”

The company fosters a community of women who believe that getting in shape does not have to come at the cost of never having fun or never eating what you want.

The fitness classes, like “Tummy Tuck” and “Booty Blast” are based on focused body-weight resistance training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

“We found that by focusing an entire session on a specific area of the body we could achieve dramatic results. Couple that with the calorie burning and cardio benefits of HIIT, and we have developed a challenging fitness class that we always keep fresh. It’s perfect for what a woman needs. After our workouts, we encourage you to indulge a little. Trust me, you will have earned it.”

The company’s balanced approach to fitness and life means you can always join your instructors and fellow participants at the local pub, never feeling bad about having a cold beer and some well earned dessert.

“What’s the point of getting fit if you can’t show it off? Our social events range from getting manicures together, seeing a live show, champagne tastings and everything in-between. It’s all about getting fit to have more fun with friends in your community.”

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To Entpreneurs in NOLA!


Party Smart. Sweat Smarter.

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Party Smart. Sweat Smarter.