Finding a workout partner is great, especially one that has all sorts of different workouts to try.  I work out with my husband a lot.  He pushes me harder than I would if I was alone.  Something about the competition and holding each other accountable really works for me.  I’m usually beyond sore the next day.  We did squats yesterday in the gym and I completed my heaviest set to date, at 155 pounds!  However, now I’m walking in a not so lady-like manner.

Here are a few ways to relieve sore muscles, particularly after your workout:

  • Stretch – stretching is critical to any fitness routine, whether you are doing cardio or lifting.  Make sure you stretch the muscles you have been working post-workout to  restore your body to how it was before you hit the gym.  Foam rolling is another great option to incorporate after any workout.
  • Eat – post-work out nutrition is critical if you want to see any results from your hard work in the gym.  This great article from bodybuilding.com explains that exercise will tear down your old muscles with the goal of rebuilding more functional muscles, a process called remodeling.  In order to reap the benefits of your exercise, you need to feed your body protein, carbs and a little fat after a workout.
  • Drink – tons of water! Keep yourself as hydrated as possible throughout the day, pre and post workout.
  • Rest – I cannot stress the point enough.   Over training and overdoing it in the gym will do nothing for you and can often do more harm than good.  Listen to your body and when it’s tired, give yourself a day off!
  • Massage – A nice massage will do wonders.  Treat yourself to one, you worked hard for it.

Feeling sore is awesome, it reminds you that you will be better tomorrow.

You can choose to feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow, your choice!


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