Looking cute at the gym is fun and makes you feel great during your workout. On the other hand, wearing your boyfriend’s baggy t-shirt is not hot, no matter how hardcore you are. And looking like a glamour queen with a full face of makeup, styled hair, dangly jewelry and perfectly manicured nails is completely over the top (sorry Nicki). One of my favorite people in the world and one of my closest friends, Meg (a certified makeup artist and founder of PerfectFaceNYC) shares her secrets to looking great at the gym without having your face melt off once you start sweating.

Meg’s 5 Tips To Looking Great at the Gym

  1. Skin – Less is more with face powder. In fact, consider using none at all. As you sweat, powder tends to clump. Your best option is to spot treat blemishes and dark circles with concealer. If you have very pale skin, consider using some self tanner on your arms and legs. Meg recommends L’Oreal Sublime. (This is not an affiliate of PartyGirlFit.)
  2. Lips – Meg recommends using a natural lip stain, any brand will do, just use a natural color. The key is to avoid having a heavy, dramatic look on your lips or leave lipstick marks on your water bottle which is just gross!
  3. Eyes – Curl your lashes and use clump-free mascara (avoid volumizing mascara). Insider tip – waterproof mascara isn’t necessary unless you are going to be sweating buckets or swimming. Waterproof mascara is difficult to remove and it can pull out your lashes in the removal process. Eeeek!
  4. Hair – Opt for a slick ponytail or a bun. Use hairspray and/or gel to tame any fly-aways.
  5. Clothing + Accessories – Wear clothes with bright colors designed for the type of exercise you are doing (i.e. Yoga, spinning, HIIT, etc.) and most importantly make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Find a statement piece that makes you feel fierce! I always wear a headband. It might not sound significant but it always makes me feel awesome and gets me in the mood to work out.

Here is some of Meg’s work!

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