I hate cooking.

Last night, my husband informed me that I must learn to cook. Terror filled my eyes.

I’ve been evading this for years and luckily, I have always been fed great meals made for me by amazing cooks. I’ve never had to feed myself and if I did, it was for a short period of time where I could get by with cereal and canned tuna.


My husband does all the cooking in our house and he’s damn good at it. I’m very spoiled. Unfortunately, he is very busy and can’t cook every single meal for me. He also really prefers cooking elaborate meals on weekends vs. doing the everyday kind of stuff.   So when he was away on business this week, I didn’t use a single nutritious ingredient we had in our stocked fridge and lived off of chocolate truffles and wine. It was awesome. I worked it all off with some tough workouts and felt quite good about the state of the universe. Then, my husband came home, saw the fridge and empty bowl of chocolates and he yelled at me. He told me that I couldn’t continue to feed myself crap and expect to stay healthy just by working out, especially as I get older and my metabolism slows to tree sloth speed.

I’m trying not to get too cranky about it, but I really don’t enjoy cooking and am trying to find someway to learn to love it. I like to bake because I love the precision involved, but cooking is a bit more imperfect, full of taking risks and breaking rules. That makes me nervous. So if you love to cook, can you please share some words of wisdom, encouragement, maybe even your favorite recipe? I need help! Thanks!

To become a Master Chef…ha!


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