At PartyGirlFit we are all about eating and drinking WHATEVER you want…as long as it makes you happy and as long as you’ve earned it through a great workout. I stand by this statement and I truly live my life this way. I don’t try to curb my cravings, I indulge in them!

Most of the time I’m eating what would be considered a healthy, balanced diet but when it comes to certain things I will always indulge. Pizza is my crutch. I love thin crust, deep dish, even some frozen brands like Elios (don’t judge). I don’t feel guilty about eating a few well deserved slices and I definitely don’t eat beans to curb my pizza craving. If I did a tough workout, had a great day on the job, or a proud accomplishment I am more than happy to reward myself.


All of that changed for me last night after two pieces of pepperoni pizza.

It started with some white wine and ended with a bellyache. Around 8pm, I declared, “I’m ordering pizza!” I was obviously very lady like about all of this (especially after the wine) and I ordered a large pepperoni pie with no intention to share. While I waited for the delivery man, I had some more wine and after about 45 minutes I was getting seriously hangry (hungry + cranky).

Finally, I heard the knock and I literally exploded from my seat and rushed to the door. The pizza delivery guy, in all his glory, handed me over the hot, greasy box of goodness. I tipped him graciously and opened the box and welcomed the wave of delicious steam rising up and filling my senses with pure delight. I grabbed a slice and took a bite expecting euphoria…but was met with doughy, artificial slop. It was really bad. It had that chalky cardboard taste, was undercooked and chewy. I was so hungry that it didn’t matter and I took down 2 big slices before I could stop myself. The next morning was not fun. I had a belly ache and I felt really guilty for eating that crappy pizza. The worst part is that I didn’t satisfy my craving and I still wanted a good slice of pizza. I call it craving failure. I had this rush of confusing emotions. I was angry at myself and started blaming myself for everything. I started shaming myself and berating my body. I went for a run to clear my head and that’s when I realized the act of eating pizza wasn’t wrong, but rather it was that I wasn’t satiated by that act. The reward I was so eager and looking to forward to receiving didn’t hit the spot. Bingo.

The lesson I learned is that if you are craving something and aren’t going to feel guilty about indulging in it because you have earned it, DO IT RIGHT. Find the place that makes the best pizza or whatever it is you are craving. How to stop your cravings? Simple, indulge in them (but go for the good stuff that hits the spot and earn dat!). Lesson learned.

Earn dat spot hitter!


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