How many of you are hung-over reading this right now? Is it perhaps because you were out late drinking?

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about hangovers and these days, my imminent hangover is completely planned beforehand. With my crazy schedule, I can no longer afford to have an unexpected hangover and end up being a complete waste of space the next day. Two ibuprofen await my bedside table with a large bottle of water and delivery menu for a very greasy, spicy breakfast. DAY DRINKING has changed all that. For me, it’s become more fun than many a night out. Here are pro’s and con’s of boozing during the day, and I hope you all will join me in the sun with a crisp glass of bubbly.

Pro’s of Day Drinking

Breakfast Bubbly  no more waiting for a “reasonable” hour to have something sparkling. I be poppin’ bottles at 10am.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this?

Fun chores  Doing chores becomes surprisingly fun.   Have you ever power cleaned after a few down the hatch? Fun things will happen, and no you’re not an alcoholic.


No hangover – lots of sleep means no hangover.

Don't be stu

Don’t be Stu

No beer belly – burn off that booze. Your metabolism runs faster during the day so you’ll burn more alcohol calories.


That’s hot

Duh  Drinking games, watching sweaty male sports, having brunch and chilling at the pool.


No idea what this drinking game is

Happy liver – You’re likely not binging on Jager Bombs while the sun is still out and if you are, I need to meet you.


Sunny drinks – Give yourself a break from the hard stuff and make some sunny cocktails.

You'd be weird ordering something like this at night

You’d be weird ordering something like this at night

Fat Wallet – Day drinking is cheaper, probably cause you pass out before going out for the night.

images-1Hooking up – daylight is your best friend during frisky drunken encounters.  You can actually see who you are making out with and not gag the next day when you friend shows you the picture she took of you sucking face!

You won't fall for this

You won’t fall for this one in daylight :)

Free Therapy – Bartenders are less distracted during the day, so you’ll have their full attention to talk about your problems.



Regretfully, here are the Con’s (no pictures for effect, ha!)

Busy friends – Don’t drink alone and let friends find you facedown at 4PM, it’s not cool.

No Dancing – Unless you’re shooting a music video, day dancing is a no no.

Sunburn – You may fall asleep on a lawn chair and look like roast pig after.

Bored Cops – Cops have nothing to do during the day and will arrest you for being a sloppy day drinker.

No Nightlife – you probably wont have the energy for a night out, or if you do, again, I need to meet you

Follow Through You’ll have amazing ideas about life, work, relationships and the universe. This will lead to making grand plans, but you will do nothing about them, because you’re drunk.

So who wins this epic battle of intoxication? Well, both are still incredibly fun, but as I’m getting older and am done with waiting in lines, bouncers, and debilitating hangovers I’m leaning towards day drinking :)


Sun is shining and I’m drinking…happy happy lady!

To poppin’ bottles in the AM!


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