I’ve been on a bender for a week.  After announcing my big move to S.E. Asia, I’ve had a great time seeing friends and family and going out almost every night of the week.  If you know me, you know it’s hard for me to abstain from enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine when…


Last week I posted a pic to Instagram of my protein chocolate chip cookies.  I got tons of requests asking for the recipe so I’m going to share that with you today!  The recipe is based on Nestle’s Toll House cookies, but I modified it a bit.


I start every morning with a green juice.  I make it with raw kale, baby spinach, frozen mixed berries, an apple, chia seeds, flax seeds and occasionally a scoop of peanut butter or protein powder.  Add some water and pulverize.  Done!  I hate eating first thing in the morning but it’s critical to eat within 30 minutes…

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