This week I have a photo shoot.  And although I feel great right now, I want to look absolutely perfect.  I think it’s because I’m so nervous!  To look your absolute best as you are right now, the most dramatic thing you can do is to shed water weight.  


From the photo shoot :)

To do this properly, you need to devote about 4 days to this method.  Keep in mind this is a short term fix and is not a substitute for a balanced diet and exercise plan.  It’s basically a trick or hack to use if you have a special occasion where you need to look your absolute best and don’t have much time.  This method of shedding water weight is commonly used by athletes that need to make a difficult weight class, like wrestlers, boxers and MMA fighters.  You’ll be surprised, but you can lose 3-10 pounds of water weight in a single day.  Some of the benefits include:

  1. Eliminate bloating
  2. Glowing, radiant skin
  3. Immediate, but temporary weight loss 

Here’s how it works. To begin you need to load up on water.  Follow the instructions below.  This will keep you super hydrated and your body will start flushing water out instead of storing it.  Although counter intuitive, the more water you drink, the more water you will lose.

3day cleanse
For the best results – Light exercise during this cycle is recommended. Cardio and or weightlifting does the trick. It can be as simple as walking on a treadmill with an incline. In addition, try and cut out carbohydrates and sugar.  Stick to protein, fats and leafy green vegetables.  Sadly, stay away from fruits, sweets, bread, pasta, rice and NO BOOZE.
DAY 4! 
Drastically reduce your water intake on day 4.  At this point, your body is trained to constantly flush out water because it thinks water is constantly coming into the system.  So drink hardly any water today.  If you are really thirsty, just take small sips to wet your palette.  Put on a heavy sweatshirt and do jumping jacks or jump rope in a warm place until you are really sweating it out (30-45 minutes should do it).  If you have access to a steam room or sauna, be sure to use it so you sweat out all the water you can (no more than 15 minutes).  I tend to weigh myself before and after to see how much water weight I have dropped.  Warning:  This can be dangerous, so please be very careful when attempting this.  If you feel dizzy, drink more water immediately.  
Remember this is only a quick fix and should not be abused or done too often or you will put your health at risk, but if you have a really special occasion and want to look absolutely phenomenal, this method will certainly do the trick!

Yours without bloat,


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