All you need to get lean and strong are 5 exercises.  You can do this total body workout in a single day and repeat it 2-3 times a week.  Results come very fast.  Maintaining good form on these exercises is critical so if you are unsure, ask me a question.

1.  The Real Pushup (5 sets x 10 reps – start with real pushups and if you fail, go to your knees)

Challenge your guy friends to a REAL pushup contest and you'll quickly be treated to a round of drinks on THEM!

Tight tummy, elbows close to your sides. These guys are wimps, dying after 10 real pushups!

2.  The Perfect Squat (5 Sets x 20 reps with body weight only) check out these tips if you are having trouble with your squat


Keep your back straight, your chest up, push your butt out and squat down, keeping your knees behind your toes.


If just bodyweight is too easy and your form is excellent, add some weight and shoot for 8-12 reps. No shoes required :)

3.  The Dead Lift (5 Sets of at least 1/2 your body weight or above for 10 repetitions)


Push your heels into the floor and use your hips, hamstrings and flutes to pull the weight up. Don’t cheat by using your upper body, your hands are only involved to hold the weight. Use an alternate grip on the bar if your hands start to slip.


4.  The Bent Over Row (5 Sets of least 1/4 your body weight or above for 10 repetitions)


Keep your abs tight, your back straight and bend at the hips. Pull the barbell up and into your belly button. Imagine your back and shoulder blades squeezing together.


Your elbows should go straight back, behind you.

5.  Overhead Press (5 Sets of 10 repetitions for the highest weight you can manage with form)


Slightly bend at the knees and stabilize your lower back by tensing your abs. If your lower back is arching, you are using too much weight. Bring the bar down so that your elbows are at 90 degree angles or slightly below and explode up!


Results will come super fast, along with some soreness. If you are still skeptical, here is my story on how I started lifting weights and incorporating body weight exercises.  Trust me, I did not want to hear any alternatives to cardio and group classes and I firmly believed in every weightlifting myth out there.  They are not true, I promise.   For years I was a cardio queen. I would jump around on elliptical machines and treadmills thinking that I was pushing myself to the max and burning tons of calories.  For a few years, I was doing ok and seeing decent results.  But of course, I hit a plateau and 45 minute cardio sessions were no longer burning off my weekends. I transitioned from cardio queen to group class diva, standing at the front of the room, flailing my 2.5lbs weights around and feeling quite good about myself.  Once again, I hit a plateau and from there, I had no idea what to do next. This was about 6 years ago.  Then, I met my husband and since then, exercising has changed drastically for me.  His background in collegiate sports taught me the importance of constantly shocking my system by changing up my workouts and incorporating heavy resistance training.  I’ve adopted both and have since seen myself become stronger, faster and leaner.

My point in all of this is to break your comfort zone.  Lets review some of the myths and truths to lifting weights:

Myth:  Lifting weights will make me bulky with big muscles.

Fact: Please do not believe this!  There is so much evidence to suggest the opposite.  Lifting weights the right way will burn tons of fat, lean you out, and give you curves in all the right places.  Women’s testosterone levels aren’t remotely close to those of men. You will gain muscle, but muscle is denser than fat so you will look smaller!  Muscle also burns calories at rest so your engine will always be running.  YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY, but you will get strong, really strong!!!  

Myth: Lifting weights does not burn as many calories as cardio.

Fact:  Lifting weights the right way burns a lot more calories than cardio does in a shorter amount of time and will continue to burn calories after you are done working out.

Myth: You will get amazing results from lifting 3lbs weights in your jazzercise class.

Fact: You will get all the results you have ever dreamed of by joining the boys in the weight room and lifting as heavy as you can for 8-12 repetitions. (Use it as an excuse to flirt with that hottie you’ve been eyeing).

Myth:  Crunches, sit-ups, and strange machines will flatten my tummy.

Fact:  Abs are made in the kitchen and in the weight room with free weights.  Stop the crunches, eat right and start pumping iron with free weights. Any more myth’s you need busted?  Just leave a comment.

Feel the pump!


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