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I haven’t had decent Mexican food since I left New York (I mean California, oops I mean Mexico).

I miss homemade tortilla chips and bean dip, guacamole, enchiladas, tacos, mezcal margarita’s and cerveza’s.

At a recent Mexican themed birthday bash, I was hit smack in the face by the familiar smell of good Mexican food. On the balcony, a table filled with the best and naughtiest Mexican foods beckoned. My eyes grew wide. The mouth-watering effect was intensified by festive ambiance, sombrero wearing hombres chugging cans of Tecate and a unicorn piñata. I became ravenous. Not only did I want to eat, I wanted to drink margaritas with mis amigos and basically devour the entire spread on the buffet table. I was ready to dive into a big bowl of guacamole, like legit go swimming in it, until something surprisingly simple stopped me. What was it you ask?

My very, very tight dress. 


This dress was totally unforgiving and Mexican food makes me bloat, badly. I started to imagine my belly ballooning outwards and resting itself comfortably next to the tray of taquitos. I could almost feel the tight fabric of my dress stretch to its limits, believing it would burst open like the unicorn piñata. So I began to reason with myself. “Yes, I want to stuff my face into the bowl of green, glorious guac, but this damn dress looks so hot. Why did I wear this gut accentuating, torture suit??? BECAUSE IT’S HOT AND I LOVE IT!”

In the end, the dress beat my appetite. I wasn’t up for a night of sucking in my gut even though I really wanted to dip tortilla chips into everything and take down a tray of enchiladas. I decided that instead of getting into a long, deep relationship with the chips and dip, I would peck at a few dishes slowly, enjoy 3 margaritas and call it a day. I didn’t starve myself and didn’t gorge. I enjoyed a few small bites and caught a nice buzz from a few margaritas. I felt great the whole night, didn’t bloat and was able to wake up guilt free and ready to do it again.

We’ve all experienced the guilty morning after some serious gluttony the night before. I’m all for it when the situation calls, but it’s important to know when to resist a bit.

My secret to avoid overeating at a party? Wear an absurdly tight dress. Some of my favorite, albeit gut hugging, dresses include:




To tight dresses and bloat free mornings!


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