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If you have been to a PartyGirlFit fitness class, you know we like to add kickboxing into the HIIT based foundation. Punches, elbows, kicks and knees are all fair game. But punching like a girl is not ok. If you know that your punches are a bit on the sissy side, see below for my 5 tips for a knockout punch.


Step 1: Learn to make a real fist and get into position (switch directions if you are left-handed).

Stand with your feet hip width apart and place your right foot about 1 foot length behind your left. This is your punching position.


Open your hands and slowly curl the tips of your fingers until your fingertips reach the top of your palms. Keep curling until your fist is made and wrap your thumbs across the middle of your curled fingers. Squeeze tightly and feel the power and stability between your index and middle knuckles.  These are the knuckles that are built to give impact. If you punch someone with these, it’s lights out. If you punch someone with your ring and pinkie knuckles, say hello to a broken hand.


Step 2: Chamber your fists and relax.

Let your arms drop to your sides with your fists still clenched.  Now do a bicep hammer curl with both arms and position your fists close to your body, protecting your face. Your thumbs should be facing towards you at a comfortable angle. Relax your shoulders.


Step 3:  Fire the left hand jab.

Visualize a target. Really visualize. Keep your shoulders relaxed and make yourself as small as possible by spreading your lats. Now, with control, keeping your fists tight, snap out your left punch twisting your fist like a screwdriver so that your punch ends with your index and middle knuckles leading the way. Make sure you fully extend your punch. Visualize your fist reaching 2 inches behind your actual target with a crisp SNAP!


Step 4: Recoil the punch.

Just as fast as the punch fired out, bring it back in with the same exact motion (screwing backwards) into your chamber starting position.

Step 5: Fire the powerful right punch by using your hips

Pivot your right hip slightly forward turning your right foot onto your toes to send a wave of power to your upper body.  Use that power to fire the right punch using the same screw driver technique (be careful not to overextend your punch and don’t lean forward).  Recoil the punch.


There you have it. Your 5 steps to mastering a REAL punch.

Happy punching,


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